2016 Accomplishments – Update to the Community

Network Time Foundation 2016 Accomplishments

Technical Milestones

  • 5 stable releases of NTP
    • January 7: ntp-4.2.8p5 was released with 2 low & medium security fixes, and minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • January 19: ntp-4.2.8p6 was released with 9 low & medium security fixes and 2 security mitigations.
    • April 16: ntp-4.2.8p7 was released with 11 low & medium security fixes, and minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • June 2: ntp-4.2.8-p8 was released with 1 high & 4 low-security fixes, and minor bug fixes and improvements.
    • November 21: ntp-4.2.8-p9 was released with 1 high, 4 medium & med/low, and 5 low-security fixes, and minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • NTS (Network Time Security; the replacement for Autokey) began Phase 2 development in January and was completed in June. Phase 3 development is due to be completed in February 2017.
  • PTPd version 2.3.2 was released with new features in February.
  • Linux PTP v1.7 was released in July, and v1.8 was released with new features in November.
  • Harlan, Danny, and Sue attended all three IETF NTPWG (NTP Working Group) meetings. Additionally, NTF attended monthly NTS Design Team meetings.
  • In October, Harlan attended an NTS Design Team meeting and IETF NTP WG in Boston.



  • Our second annual financial audit was completed in September with Richard Brewster, CPA.
  • Revised formal Project Plans for:
    • NTP
    • Ntimed
    • NTS
    • Privilege Separation
    • Ntp.conf
    • General Timestamp API
    • PTPd, Linux PTP
    • Certification & Compliance
    • Stratum 0
  • In June, our ISC-based computer images were brought online at Markley Cloud Services. In September, we completed our ISC data center move with hardware, going from ISC to ServerCentral in Chicago. The hardware and services at ServerCentral, Chicago are online with a few projects still to be completed.
  • Additional contractors: Aly Towry (Controller), Steve Sullivan (Development).
  • Several new volunteers were signed up to assist in various aspects of the organization.



  • Corporate donations and grants were received from Google, Qihoo/360 and NetBSD. Markley Group provided cloud services and ServerCentral provided Hosting.
  • Several renewed and new individual members, as well as many new individual donors.
  • New institutional members: Spectracom, Blue Coat Systems and Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation – all at the Associate Level.
  • We were accepted into the Combined Federal Campaign in May and participated in several charity fair kickoffs in Northern California.
  • Our 2016 revenues increased by 10% over 2015, putting them at almost $212,000.


In the News/Events

  • What is Internet Time? was presented at the Computer Science Hall at Southern Oregon University in January.
  • Harlan presented NTF’s General Timestamp API Project at the Science of Time Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts 5-9 June.
  • Harlan presented NTP and General Timestamp API at The National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board meeting on December 7th in Redondo Beach.

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