Hard Truths from Harvard Business Review

There are some hard truths to swallow about the current state of OSS contained within this article published by Harvard Business Review. While the article discusses in-depth Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Harlan Stenn’s long hours spent coding, it doesn’t reference Network Time Foundation by name even once. This has been an ongoing problem. Articles are written… Read More.

Support Network Time Foundation

Time is our most valuable asset From personal online banking to business management services we all rely on time daily – even when we don’t realize it. Network Time Foundation produces the highest quality open-source products that ensure free public access to precise measurements and management of time. While Network Time Foundation’s precision time software is open-source… Read More.

Leap Second handling via Leap Smearing

What is a leap second? Because the earth’s rotation is gradually slowing, approximately every 18 months’ time we need to add an “extra” second to the clock. We must account for this second to keep accurate time. Although one second doesn’t seem like a big deal, over time those seconds would add up. It’s best… Read More.