Andrea Ross

Andrea has been working in software engineering for nearly three decades at several recognizable companies including Shopify, Nortel, Eclipse Foundation, SurveyMonkey, and more. She’s also worked with many leading open source software communities, projects, and foundations.

Andrea's work involved developing technology solutions across multiple sectors including telecom, database, education, healthcare, geospatial, government and more. She has taught at the university level, mentored a large number of software developer interns, and has deep experience with work integrated learning.

As a leader, Andrea strives to help people be more innovative, resourceful, resilient, trust each other more, continuously grow skills, and align around the most impactful things. All the while, she encourages everyone keep a healthy perspective, and have fun.

In her personal life, she’s married, has multiple children, and pets. She is also a dancer, potter, hiker, paddler, and gardener.