Leap Second handling via Leap Smearing

What is a leap second? Because the earth’s rotation is gradually slowing, approximately every 18 months’ time we need to add an “extra” second to the clock. We must account for this second to keep accurate time. Although one second doesn’t seem like a big deal, over time those seconds would add up. It’s best… Read More.

Network Time Security – NTS replacing Autokey

Network Time Foundation is Improving its NTP Project Security with NTS – Network Time Security Project First, some history about Network Time Protocol (NTP) and authentication. NTP saw its original cryptographic authentication code back around 1992, in the ntp3 distribution, when it used MD5 hashes to authenticate remote configuration requests. This was a “private key”… Read More.

NTP Interview with Harlan Aug2015

NTF’s Harlan Stenn was interviewed about NTP recently by FLOSS Weekly’s Randal L. Schwartz and Dan Lynch (while Dan was vacationing in France) in which Randal was quoted as saying “it was the geekiest show he’s ever done”. FLOSS Weekly is a free and open-source software (FLOSS) themed netcast from the TWiT Network. We think… Read More.

Leap Second on 30 June 2015

Network Time Foundation exists “to fix and prevent your headaches regarding Network Time”. One such headache that is sure to generate a lot of noise this year is the upcoming leap second to be introduced world-wide as the last second of June 2015. With this blog post and with software updates (see article by Harlan… Read More.