Institutional and individual memberships are available for the:

Institutional Consortia Memberships

Institutions may join at the following levels, and discounts are available to open-source and other qualifying organizations:

Consortia Discount on membership dues in other NTF ConsortiaYesYesYesYes
Use of Network Time Sponsor LogoYesYesYesYes
Advanced Security Vulnerability NotificationsYesYesYesYes
Compliance Logo Program for testing interoperability, performance, and standards complianceDiscountDiscountDiscountYes
Participation in Feature Priority PlanningYesYesYes
Priority Consideration in Non-Critical Bug FixesYesYesYes
Front Page Logo Recognition on NTF WebsiteYesYesYes*Yes*
Early Access to Security PatchesYesYes
Discounted Custom Development ServicesYesYes
Discounted Technical Support ContractYesYes
Support for Older Stable Releases (extra cost)OptionOption
Seat on the Product Advisory Board (extra cost)Option
Member Contacts receive a site login and email notifications8632

* Limited-time offer for inaugural members.

Individual Consortium Memberships

Individuals may join as either an annual Supporter (multiple NTF Projects) or Friend (for a specific project):

BenefitsSupporter ($250)Friend ($125-$249)
Use of Network Time Sponsor LogoYesYes
NTF Project Cloak IRC nickname on the Libera IRC NetworkYesYes
Access to Issue PollsYesYes
Network Time Foundation T-ShirtYesYes