Why should I join a Network Time Consortium?

Network Time is an important part of today’s world. Your membership in the Network Time Consortium benefits you, the NTP and Precision Time Protocol Communities, and the world at-large.

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We’ve all been there. While going about our daily lives, we encounter a situation where time suddenly becomes incredibly relevant. Perhaps it’s the time stamp on a receipt of purchase or a bank statement that doesn’t look quite right or even monitoring the clock for an online exam. Regardless of the task at hand, billions of people worldwide depend on time – and its accuracy – in a myriad of electronic formats.

Network Time Foundation and its Consortia are the modern-day keepers of time. No longer held to the dark ages of sundials and give-or-take-a-minute, today’s time maintenance is a carefully crafted conglomeration of research and execution, an ongoing process that continually evolves to manage, protect and keep time.

Without NTF and its Consortia, the reliability of time accuracy is brought into question. Protecting and maintaining this service is an ever-evolving and ongoing effort that takes thousands of hours; hours that are not possible without crucial donations that keep the project going and time – your time – accurate.

Still unsure what this whole time business is about? Read on.

The Benefits of Network Time Foundation

Establishing and maintaining an accurate source of time tracking is more than just a novel idea; it is critical to the preservation of personal record keeping, transactions, business integrity and more. Network Time Foundation helps to ensure:

  • Effective time synchronization for important documents, such as when confidential records were viewed; think of it as an internal audit trail.
  • Financial accuracy, from transactions to accurate records oversight to security and everything in between.
  • Personal and Business security measures: Accurate time stamps result in better opportunities to track down hackers, thieves and phishers, bringing to justice those who steal personal data and records.
  •  Technical Support comes with fewer headaches: By leaving an accurate traceability trail for users, technical support centers are better able to isolate, identify and correct issues customers are encountering – and let’s face it: nobody wants to spend an extra second on the phone with technical support!

The Benefits of Membership

We need your help! We need you to partner with us to ensure that the technology of Network Time continues to progress, and continues to be increasingly accurate and reliable. As a member, you become an active supporter of this effort, using your voice and input to improve and evolve Network Time protocols and software, promote this standardization and protect and deliver the highest quality Network Time.

Remember: Without standardization, we face the real threat of shifting from a universal standard to several variable vendor-based protocols. No standardization means no guide point, and accuracy and interoperability are tossed out the window.

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