Hard Truths from Harvard Business Review

There are some hard truths to swallow about the current state of OSS contained within this article published by Harvard Business Review. While the article discusses in-depth Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Harlan Stenn’s long hours spent coding, it doesn’t reference Network Time Foundation by name even once. This has been an ongoing problem. Articles are written… Read More.

Harlan Stenn Interviewed on CyberMatters Radio

On June 4th, Mark Graff interviewed Harlan Stenn on CyberMatters Radio as part of the “Hidden Heroes” series they are producing. You may already know about NTP and network time.  This interview is still worth a listen! It gives a great overview of NTP, network time in general and the impact it has on our… Read More.

Accomplishments Q1 2017 – Community Update

Network Time Foundation 2017 Q1 Accomplishments Firstly, thank you to all our generous members and donors. Because of your continued support Network Time Foundation was able to accomplish great things in the first quarter of 2017. As a non-profit organization, it is all of you who help NTF produce and maintain open-source network time software vital… Read More.