Network Time and GSoC 2013 – Final Report

NTF had five successful projects in GSoC 2013. Watch Harlan’s interview by Google about the process. These projects were: NTF: General Timestamp Library and API, Chen Li NTP: Unit Testing, Allen Zhong NTP: scripts/ cleanup, Oliver Kindernay NTP: Logging and Debugging API overhaul, Shubham Singhal NTP: Startup Analysis, Rahul Katare NTF: General Timestamp Library and… Read More.

The Future of UTC

“The Future of UTC Conference” will be held at the University of VA from 29-31 May 2013 in Charlottesville VA, and Harlan Stenn will be presenting a paper there. For most of our history, we’ve considered a “day” to be a solar day, and a “year” to be the time it takes the earth to… Read More.

A day on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has landed on Mars.  A lot of time an effort has gone in to scheduling what will be done there, when it will be done, how much time it will take, etc.  The work there is done using specific local (Mars) solar time, and the Martian day is 24 hours and 39… Read More.

Time and medical care…

I was visiting a friend in the hospital a few months ago.  She had a medicated IV drip line (an infusion pump) that allowed precise tuning of how much “stuff” was administered.  If it knew that it was dosing at, say, 50ml/hour and it had a 500ml bag then it would need to be changed… Read More.