NTF Selected by the CFC

The Network Time Foundation is proud to be selected by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) to participate in this years federal employees giving campaign.


Do you ever wonder how clocks all over the world, and even in space, are able to maintain the correct time? We have. Keeping precise time on computers and across networks is no simple endeavor. The people who founded the Network Time Foundation (NTF) have been working on the problem of network time for more than thirty years. This group of dedicated volunteers established the foundation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2011 to generate the resources for providing the direct services and support needed to improve accurate computer network timekeeping.

Your donations, no matter what size, help provide the federal government and general public with correct time, which makes every aspect of daily life more efficient, reliable and secure.

If you are a Federal Employee you can donate via the CFC website: http://www.norcalcfc.org/   Our 5-digit charity code is 18136.

If you aren’t a federal employee, we welcome your donations via our Donate button.

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