NTF’s NTP Project and Linux Foundation/CII Update

Network Time Foundation wishes to thank the Linux Foundation’s Core Internet Initiative project for renewing its direct contracts with Harlan Stenn and Poul-Henning Kamp. These contracts cover approximately 35 hours a month of Harlan’s valuable NTP development work and almost a full day every week for Poul-Henning’s beneficial work on Ntimed. The rest of the hours that Harlan, Poul-Henning and others spend working on NTP, Ntimed and other NTF projects are volunteered.

NTF’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) Project drives the NTP Standards that specify how time is distributed and how computer clocks are synchronized. The NTP and other time-related protocol standards, as well as the open-source software NTF develops and supports, are used by billions of devices, around the world. From medical records and procedures to food safety and delivery, from financial transactions and national defense to transportation and navigation on Earth and in space, accurate time is a critical piece of most every modern industry.

Network Time Foundation itself currently receives no direct support from the Linux Foundation’s CII. We are looking for additional grants and institutional partners to come forward and support our efforts. NTF needs more developers, sysadmins, engineers, technical documentation staff, among other team members. We are also in need of funding to help refresh our hardware and to support our basic daily operations.

NTF is pleased to announce we have received the following:

  • Equipment hosting from ServerCentral in Chicago.
  • VM and cloud resources from the Markley Group in Boston.
  • A $2,000 grant from The Linux Fund, targeted for NTP testing hardware.

These resources augment the existing infrastructure support we get from OSUOSL and from ISC for hosting the NTP Project for the past 10+ years, as well as other providers.

Here’s the link to the announcement by Linux Foundation. Even with this good news there is so much more that is needed.  Please support NTF, and help us help you!

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