The more you learn about Network Time Foundation the more you’ll understand and appreciate the importance of the work we do. As the non-profit organization responsible for these time related projects, NTF provides the global user community with the technology it relies on every minute of the day.

Funding enables us to continue to improve and evolve the security, support services, documentation, and communication for these projects.

NTP Project

NTP synchronizes the clocks of network devices to a common timebase.

Ntimed Project

Tightly-focused NTP implementation designed for high security and high performance.

Khronos Project

Improve NTPv4 client security against time shifting attacks.

LinuxPTP Project

Linux implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE standard 1588.

libptpmgmt Project

PTP management client library with SWIG wrappers for Python, ruby, Lua, Perl, PHP, and TCL.

SyncE Projects

Implementations of the ITU-T Synchronous Ethernet standard for transfering clock signals over Ethernet.

Collaborative Projects

Sometimes it takes a village to successfully create a project and bring it to fruition. While the projects listed below receive minimal support from and are not directly owned by Network Time Foundation, we do help each other out for the betterment of all involved. Without joint efforts such as these, Network Time would not be as vibrant, useful, or successful.

NTP Pool Project

A big virtual cluster of timeservers providing NTP service for millions of clients.

PublicNTP Project

Provides unrestricted access to no-cost, highly-accurate time sources for the public good.