Leap Second 2016 is fast approaching

There will be a Leap Second on December 31st at 23:59:59 pm UTC. Are you ready? This 2015 Bloomberg article is a good overview of how some different organizations handle the leap second. Make sure that your instance of  Network Time Protocol (NTP) is up to date. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-28/with-61-seconds-in-a-minute-markets-brace-for-trouble Network Time Foundation needs funding to get… Read More.

EVENT: NTF to present at The Science of Time Symposium

Harlan Stenn of Network Time Foundation is presenting a talk entitled “When?”  It’s a Basic Question That We Ask All the… Time at The Science of Time Symposium in Cambridge, MA, June 5-9. We hope you can join Harlan, Danny and Sue at this first annual Science of Time Symposium. The following is from the… Read More.

Invitation: Time track presentations at FOSDEM2015

Come hear the time track presentations at FOSDEM2015  in Brussels on 31Jan-1Feb to hear a number of folks working with Network Time foundation talk about several projects!  Speakers include: George Neville-Neil, “Computers, Clocks, and Network time – Everything you never wanted to know about time.”  Most people who work with computers have no idea how… Read More.