Leap Second handling via Leap Smearing

What is a leap second? Because the earth’s rotation is gradually slowing, approximately every 18 months’ time we need to add an “extra” second to the clock. We must account for this second to keep accurate time. Although one second doesn’t seem like a big deal, over time those seconds would add up. It’s best… Read More.

Leap Second 2016 is fast approaching

There will be a Leap Second on December 31st at 23:59:59 pm UTC. Are you ready? This 2015 Bloomberg article is a good overview of how some different organizations handle the leap second. Make sure that your instance of  Network Time Protocol (NTP) is up to date. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-06-28/with-61-seconds-in-a-minute-markets-brace-for-trouble Network Time Foundation needs funding to get… Read More.

NTP Security Issues as Big Move Looms

Harlan Stenn Tackles NTP Security Issues as Big Move Looms 28March2016 – InformationWeek – by Charles Babcock There’s not a business in existence today whose operations don’t rely on the Network Time Protocol (NTP). Harlan Stenn is the chief maintainer of NTP. In the past year, security researchers have raised a number of concerns about… Read More.

Leap second is no Y2K bug

June 30, 2015 by Solomon Israel, CBC News Most days last for 86,400 seconds, but June 30, 2015, will last for 86,401. Because the Earth doesn’t rotate at a constant speed, scientists have taken to adding the occasional leap second to keep international timekeeping in line with the world’s super-accurate atomic clocks. Why we’re turning our clocks ever-so-slightly back The last… Read More.

PTPd 2.3.1 released

After over 18 months of development at various intensity and final weeks of really intensive development and testing, the time has come for PTPd 2.3.1 to see the light of day. Although disappointingly late (leap second announcement has just started), it is definitely worth the upgrade. The changelog is quite a long list, perhaps too… Read More.

NTF Releases ntp 4.2.8p3 Including Leap Second Updates

June 29, 2015 – Network Time Foundation has released its next stable release of NTP, 4.2.8p3, which includes a fix for a minor security issue, many bug fixes, and some new features including leap second experimental options. Here are some highlights: –2837 makes it easier to distribute time packets with the right priority settings on… Read More.

Leap Second on 30 June 2015

Network Time Foundation exists “to fix and prevent your headaches regarding Network Time”. One such headache that is sure to generate a lot of noise this year is the upcoming leap second to be introduced world-wide as the last second of June 2015. With this blog post and with software updates (see article by Harlan… Read More.

Are you ready for the leap second?

Are you ready for the leap second on 30 June 2015?  These are uncommon — they happen on average about every 18 months’  time but sometimes there can be several years’ time between them.  This one is a bit special.  While they usually happen on 31 December, this one happens on 30 June, and instead… Read More.

Invitation: Time track presentations at FOSDEM2015

Come hear the time track presentations at FOSDEM2015  in Brussels on 31Jan-1Feb to hear a number of folks working with Network Time foundation talk about several projects!  Speakers include: George Neville-Neil, “Computers, Clocks, and Network time – Everything you never wanted to know about time.”  Most people who work with computers have no idea how… Read More.