NTF’s NTP Project and Linux Foundation/CII Update

Network Time Foundation wishes to thank the Linux Foundation’s Core Internet Initiative project for renewing its direct contracts with Harlan Stenn and Poul-Henning Kamp. These contracts cover approximately 35 hours a month of Harlan’s valuable NTP development work and almost a full day every week for Poul-Henning’s beneficial work on Ntimed. The rest of the… Read More.

NTF 2015 Accomplishments

NTF 2015 Accomplishments – a Report to the Community At Network Time Foundation, we are very passionate about time. In 2015, we accomplished a lot, though, like most open source projects (also see), our budget was quite constrained, so financial support and/or volunteering was, and still is, welcomed. Significant progress was made on PTPd, Ntimed,… Read More.