NTF Interviewed on Open Source

NTF President Harlan Stenn and Director of Client Services Sue Graves were interviewed by Information Weeks Charles Babcock recently. During the interview, the subject of funding open source protocols like NTP came up. The Network Time Foundation saw a big jump in funding in 2015. While it’s a step in the right direction, there’s still… Read More.

BBC Technology News: Hack attacks battled by net’s timekeepers

Harlan was quoted in BBC Technology News today, if you haven’t read the entire article, take a moment to do so below: A massive worldwide effort is under way to harden the net’s clocks against hack attacks. The last few months have seen an “explosion” in the number of attacks abusing unprotected time servers, said… Read More.

NTP and the Winter of 2013 Network DRDoS Attacks

There’s been a fair amount of attention paid lately to the role of misconfigured NTP servers in the recent “network flooding attacks”. Much of the information in these reports is correct. Some parts are incomplete or inaccurate. Some History Over the centuries different groups of people have had the need for knowing the accurate time… Read More.