Below you’ll find links to several pages that describe Network Time Foundation, how it came to be, some information about the importance of timekeeping, the software we offer, and how we approach what we consider to be our “custodial responsibilities” to the projects we support.In particular, there is a preface which offers some brief historical information and describes the path to the creation of NTF. You’ll find a discussion about the history and importance of “time”. Next some information about the critical role NTF plays and why you should support it. You can learn about the projects we support. Finally you can learn about managed open source, and why it is an ideal way to evolve, manage, and care for these projects.Learn how your donations and memberships will help us help you. There is a huge amount of work to be done, and the sooner we are able to get this work done the sooner you will see benefits in things like better healthcare at reduced costs and risks, more efficient electrical power distribution, financial markets, manufacturing and more.

You’ll also find what we hope are curious, educational and informative stories that involve time and timekeeping, and information about a number of the people around the world who care about Network Time and learn why Network Time is important to them,and perhaps you, too!