Leap Second Resources

Leap Second Resources page including blogs, articles and links to interesting presentations and papers created by Network Time Foundation and the community at large.

Some history about leap seconds by Rob Seaman

What you can do to prepare for the leap second June 2015 – by Harlan Stenn

Technical Aspects of Leap Second Propagation and Evaluation February 2015 – by Martin Burnicki

UTC might be redefined without Leap Seconds – by Steve Allen

‘Leap Second’ Clocks In On June 30 – by Charles Babcock

Leap second on June 30th is no Y2K bug, says expert June 2015 – by Solomon Israel, CBC News

Clocks to read 11:59:60 tonight as time lords add leap second June 2015 – by Sarah Knapton, TelegraphUK

Leap Second Best Practices for 2015 – by Homeland Security

Leap Second Best Practices for December 2016 – by Homeland Security

NTP Leap Smearing Test Results December 2016 – by Martin Burnicki