Network Time Consortia

Some people and organizations realize how crucial Network Time is to them. They probably well-understand the impossibility of self-sourcing any sort of collaborative agreement on the time, let alone doing it on a global level.

They also know the benefits and security they get from Network Time, and the efficiencies and advancements they get from collaboration with the organization that for years has dedicated itself to Network Time and its improvement and evolution.

We are here to fix and prevent your headaches regarding Network Time. If you have headaches with network time and do not see the “cure” on our member benefits page, please tell us and we’ll address it. 

Remember…If you can’t trust your time, you can’t trust your data.


Your membership in the Network Time Consortium benefits you, the NTP and Precision Time Protocol Communities, and the world at-large. The NTP Project’s software is the world’s best way to keep the correct time on most computers, and is the foundation of accurate network time synchronization. As such, it is critical to many social and technical functions. The Network Time Consortium significantly improves Network time, NTP, PTP, and PTPd. The Why Join page of this site provides extensive explanation of the necessity of maintaining accurate networked time, network time software, the evolution of NTP and PTP Standards, as well as the consequences of failing to evolve its next revisions of these Standards. [Read More]


The Benefits page of the site explains both the individual and institutional membership opportunities available with the Network Time Consortium, as well as the benefit packages available at different membership levels. Membership support is the primary funding mechanism for the NTP project, which to-date has been a 100% volunteer effort. In addition to membership benefits, supporting NTP ensures an improved, vibrant NTP product that will provide the world’s best means of keeping correct networked time and the myriad of resulting personal, social, commercial, governmental and technical benefits that doing so conveys. Membership support also directly benefits the PTPd efforts and Network Time in general.

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