Donation Matching Lets You Make Double the Difference!

August 31, 2017 by Koni Burrow

Folks often feel that their donations aren’t enough to make a real difference. Nowadays, however, it is becoming more common for employers to offer donation matching to those employees who contribute to non-profit organizations. While the majority of donation matching programs match contributions dollar for dollar, some will even match twice or three times an employee’s donation! Additionally, a surprising number of employers are now offering matching funds for volunteer hours performed by employees for non-profit organizations. This means that your workplace may make a contribution equivalent to your hourly wages for any time you spend volunteering for a non-profit organization. Donation matching helps non-profits increase revenue by amplifying individual contributions at no additional cost to the individual donor.

Does your employer offer donation-matching?

Although this benefit is becoming more common, many people are completely unaware their employers offer it! Many employers are partnered with an organization that specializes in donation matching. Some employers set aside as much as $15,000 per employee per year to help aid non-profits. Consult your HR benefits portal or HR department to find out if your employer participates in donation matching.

To help Network Time Foundation and to take advantage of this employee benefit:

  1. Go to Donate to make a donation.

  2. Save your transaction receipt or notification email for donation verification.

  3. Ask your HR contact to search for Network Time Foundation, Inc. in the portal of the donation matching company your employer is partnered with.

  4. Submit your NTF donation or membership amount to be matched by your employer.

  5. If Network Time Foundation isn’t listed with the donation matching company your employer uses, you can often add us or nominate us to be added to their database via the website provided to you by your HR department. Alternatively, let us know which matching company your employer uses and we will contact them on your behalf.

Please note that membership dues are eligible for donation matching as Network Time Foundation is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting Open Source Software for the public good.

Donation Matching Organizations

There are many donation-matching companies that facilitate these transactions. We are currently enrolled with the companies listed below:

A few of the companies that use Benevity for matching include:

EasyMatch by

Cybergrants merged with the JK Group (owners of the Consiva and Easymatch platforms) and manages employee giving programs for many global companies including:

A few of YourCause’s well-known clients include:

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