NTP – Just Keeps on Ticking

Some rumors have been flying around the Network Time Protocol world regarding the security and validity of the NTP Project’s code, developed and maintained by Network Time Foundation. NTF’s president, Harlan Stenn, sat down with Bruce Byfield to get to the bottom of these rumors.

Bruce’s post, A Rift in the NTP World, explains the origins of these rumors and sets the record straight. No passwords were ever lost. We’ve certainly been maintaining, advancing and releasing updates to Network Time Protocol. In 2016 we published five releases containing hundreds of updates to the code. If system administrators don’t update their NTP software and configurations, then that’s another story and out of our control.

The Wrong Fork for the Wrong Reasons is his follow-up blog which addresses the importance of NTP in the global internet infrastructure. This counterproductive distraction has caused a dilution of already limited resources. Given the importance of Network Time Protocol for the functionality of modern society, it is vital that NTP be properly funded and deployed.

Network Time Foundation continues providing open source Network Time Protocol and Precision Time Protocol software to the world. While we make our software available for free, it isn’t free to produce. Please donate or become a member of Network Time Foundation so we can continue ensuring accurate network time around the globe.

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