RNT Foundation Joins NTF

The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation is NTF’s Newest Member!

The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation (RNTFnd) and Network Time Foundation (NTF) have partnered to increase awareness of the importance of the various Network Time projects. To that end, Dana Goward, President of RNTFnd, introduced NTF’s Harlan Stenn to the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board (PNT). Harlan has been invited to speak about NTF’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) and General Timestamp API Projects at the PNT annual board meeting in Redondo Beach, CA on December 7th, 2016.

We are pleased to be partnered with RNTFnd to advance the accuracy and security of time protocols like Network Time Security (NTS), NTP, PTP and others. Dana Goward added, “Precise time underpins every infrastructure. It is an invisible utility and we are glad to be part of efforts to protect it, make it more visible and more resilient.”

NTF and RNT Foundation plan to work together to raise awareness of the critical importance of Network Time and continue to make improvements. If reliable and accurate time is important to you, please donate to or become a member of Network Time Foundation!


About Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation:

The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation is a 501(c)3 scientific and educational charity registered in Virginia. We help protect critical infrastructure by:

  • educating the public and elected leaders about the importance of GPS and other Global Navigation Satellite Services (GNSS) and their vulnerabilities, and
  • advocating for measures to protect, toughen and augment GNSS systems and services.

Ours is an international mission, beginning in the United States. More at RNTFnd.org

About Network Time Foundation:

Network Time Foundation (NTF), a 501(c)3, was founded in 2011. We provide direct services, including management and technical support, to open-source network time software projects that improve the state of accurate and secure computer network timekeeping. NTF focuses on precise timekeeping in business, science, healthcare and government, as well as the community overall.

Without the correct synchronization of network time, audits, investigations, analyses and other efforts that rely on timestamps to document the correct sequence of events are rendered impossible. Well-kept and synchronized time builds reliable data and therefore builds accuracy, security and dependability of operations.

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